Top 5 Tips for Youthful Skin after 30.

Top 5 Tips for Youthful Skin after 30.

Today I would like to introduce you to my beautiful friend Jazmine. She is a busy mom of two who juggles life as an entrepreneur and a creative all while traveling the globe and looking absolutely fabulous. 

If I didn't personally know Jazmine (and I've known her all my life) I would never have been able to guess her age. She literally has the most beautiful, youthful and fresh skin imaginable. Talk about skin goals!

Jazmine tells me that she has very sensitive skin with a tendency to break out, but since she always manage to look so *gawd damn* flawless I had to ask her to share her secrets to keeping a youthful looking skin with us. 

Here they are:

1. Hydrate! She drinks Coconut water or regular water in large amounts every day ( she aims for 8 glasses per day). She also drinks green tea. 

2. Skip sugar as much as possible.

3. Jazmine uses Coconut oil on her skin as moisturizer.  (Our Nordic Glow Cleansing wipes are infused with pure, organic coconut oil and Jazmine is a fan ) Buy here 

4. She removes all make-up before going to bed or straight after use. 

5. Neem soap. Jazmine is a big fan of Neem soap as it is antibacterial. She tells us it is the only type of soap she will use on her face. 

Thank you so much Jazmine for your tips!  (Pssst. Jazmine recently turned 45. I know - crazy right?)

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